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Real time technical support services can cost upwards of £120 for half an hour, but NOT here. The technical support services provided here are supplied FREE of charge to the general public (non-business)

We record ALL calls to tech support to aid in training and to improve our services. All it costs to you is as little as 8p a minuite (£4.80 an hour) for a National rate call to our 911 number.

We are happy to support the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows 2000 (till 2019)
  • Windows XP (till 2020)
  • Windows Vista (till 2023)
  • Windows 7 (till 2025)
  • Windows 8 (till 2028)
  • Windows 10 (ongoing)

Just tell us on the phone what your problem is and the tech support person will be able to tell you if they can help.

Once your problem is fixed (in real time) you can then, if you wish, make a donation to that support engineer by selecting their name and an amount (in GBP) from the Donate box above.

Stop Fraud and Hang Up!

For GENUINE Support YOU must call

087 1234 4 911
[See the bottom of this page]

For many problems this is all you need do

For harder problems the advisor may use "Quick Support" from Team Viewer

Prevent Fraud Always Call Us to talk to a Gunine Adviser